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Building Surveys

A Building Survey report (formally known as a Structural Survey report) is a comprehensive, specialised and individually prepared report which is suitable for all residential property. It provides detailed information in respect of the construction, condition and both minor and major repairs together with a commentary on locational, environmental and other relevant aspects.

Why do you need one?

It is advisable to have a Building Survey if the property you are considering buying is relatively large or of unusual construction, has perhaps been extended or altered or where an extension, alteration or renovation is planned. It would also be appropriate for properties which are old, or are dated, or require modernisation or in an obviously poor or dilapidated condition. That said, even if the property is in good condition and of a relatively conventional style and size or is relatively new a building survey report may well prove to be an invaluable document for both your immediate use and future reference.

For the above reasons a Building Survey report is generally priced higher than a Homebuyer Report (please see below). A Building Survey report does not include a valuation but a valuation is available upon request as an additional service.